Artist's Statement

As a "Green artist" I am concerned with environmental issues and show this in my themes and the techniques I use. Since it's not just the finished product, but also the process used to create the art, the work invites the viewer in to explore the underlying structures and themes, which are strikingly visible below the surface. The themes are all highly personal but also very universal, focusing on reforming and restructuring our lives and society to one that's more respectful of our surroundings.

The material that I use in my artwork is one of the least recycled materials: window glass. Unlike the glass made specifically for craft and art use, window glass is difficult to re-melt, and I have had to develop new techniques to exploit the characteristics of this material.

I often incorporate my glass into reused metal housings, including discarded traffic lights and street lights. Taking such a fixture out of its usual surroundings and bringing it into a gallery setting, catches the one's eye and imagination, and brings up many emotional associations. Likewise, I enjoy challenging the audience with an identifiable form in the shape of a discarded everyday object. The best items are so common, that you barely notice them anymore. Re-presented in a new and different light, this object makes you stop and think twice. At this second glance we often discover whole new aspects we didn't catch the first time around. Sometimes we need a little reminder…


Erwin Timmers is the co-founder of the Washington Glass Studio and Washington Glass School. Originally from Amsterdam, he moved to California and graduated from Santa Monica College for Design Arts and Architecture. In 1999 he moved to the Washington DC area and since then his sculptural artwork has been on display in Zenith Gallery, Fraser Gallery, and Gallery Neptune. He is featured in various prominent collections and has received commissions from numerous commercial enterprises, such as Starwood Urban, The Magruder Companies, David Greggory Restaurant, Food and Friends, and the Prince George's County courthouse. His approach to art is multifaceted, incorporating metalwork, innovative lighting and glass design. He teaches glass, lighting, sculpture, and metal work. Industrial salvage and recycling are recurring themes in his work, which he sees as crucial parts to the interaction with one's surroundings.

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